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Greta Carlton

Greta Lindbloom Carlton's artwork reflects her growth as an artist. Says Greta: "Like Henri Rousseau, I earn my bread and butter working jobs that aren't necessarily about professional art making. While making many of my autobiographical Linoleum prints, I waitressed. While making paintings and drawings, I made advertising art for the Times of Trenton Newspaper. While getting my M.Ed from Arcadia University, I drew the charcoal extinct mammals for my master's thesis. A few artworks were executed while I've been working as an art teacher. Many of the Silkscreen Monoprints were done since 2017 right here at Artworks in the Printmaking studio."

LIVE @AAD: A demonstration of how to make Deconstructed Silkscreen Monoprints.


Artworks Trenton

19 Everett Alley

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