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Habiyb Shu'Aib

"Darkest Before Dawn" is a solo exhibit of photographic works documenting some of the abandoned spaces in Trenton. Over decades of disinvestment, many of Trenton's once-thriving businesses and institutions have closed or moved out of the city -- leaving vacant buildings behind in their place.

Says the artist: "A change is coming to our city - a change for the better. With so many new businesses popping up, and a renewed interest in the city, many of the old buildings I documented are still standing here empty. That is slowly changing as we speak. A majority of these spaces will be changed to living and commercial spaces to get Trenton moving in the right direction. It's usually darkest before dawn."

He adds: "We wouldn't appreciate the light if it wasn't for the dark. Sometimes we have to go through the worst of moments to realize that we came out better and stronger than we ever thought we were. It’s chaos, but it works."

The exhibit is at the Artworks Community Gallery through November 23.


Artworks Trenton

19 Everett Alley

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