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Meet Trenton's newest food truck!

Mill Hill Fall Festival

Sat, Oct 26, 2019, 2-8 pm

Mill Hill Park

Born, raised, and living in Trenton, NJ, Elisa comes from a family of chefs and entrepreneurs. She has a passion for creating smiles through food that is healthy - and makes your taste buds explode as well!

After running a successful catering business for years, Elisa is launching her very own, Trenton-based, food truck. We're thrilled to have Elisa and her bright pink food truck join us during Art All Day. We can't wait to get some of that fresh, healthy, delicious comfort food -- right at Artworks!

Sneak peek!: Join Elisa for her food truck launch party on Saturday, October 26, 2-8 pm, in Mill Hill Park!

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