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Adriana Groza

Adriana Groza is a visual artist whose art is abstract and created using fluid acrylics, manipulated directly on the canvas by various means, without a brush. A vibrant style that she is continuously learning and expanding upon, painting with fluid acrylics is a perfect match for her extrovert, joyful personality. She loves color and enjoys the type of preparation this type of art requires, often much longer than the creation of the painting itself.

There is no one subject matter or single concept in her work. For her it is the color, dynamism and depth of the painting that define it. Adriana’s best works are active and imply movement across the space, or they emerge from, or descend into space for the observer.

Pictured: Midnight Poppies (Acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas).


Artworks Trenton

19 Everett Alley

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