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Bike Tour
12:00 pm
6:00 PM


Three pieces of advice on how to navigate Art All Day/Ciclovia this year: 1) bring a bike, 2) bring a bike, 3) bring a bike!

This year's "Open Streets, Open Studios" event is largely outdoors and perfect for two-wheeled exploring. As always, Bike Tour Impresario Wills Kinsley has set us up with some incredible guided tours. He will be setting up a station with large QR codes so people can walk right up and get the low-down on how to get them on their phone.
Here are a few:

- Neon Ride - - 1.6 Miles
A quick jaunt to see neon art and vintage signs in downtown Trenton

- New Crosswalk Murals - - 9.7 Miles
Take a longer ride and see the new crosswalk and intersection murals painted three weeks ago as part of Project M.O.V.E (Making Our Visions Evident)

- Hidden Mural Tour - - 4 Miles
Murals big and small on streets or alleys you may not have been down... yet!

JUST ADDED!: guided bike tour led by Jim Gordon of the Creek to Canal Creative District at 4:30 pm !

Live events & tours are FREE. 

Please consider donating.

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