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Fishbowl Atelier

Robert Jean-Pierre founded Trenton's new creative hub Fishbowl Atelier with the goal of building a retail destination and safe space for artists and youth in the Mercer County area. While the Fishbowl Atelier’s core is currently under construction, in 2022 the Fishbowl Atelier will be reopening with a rebranded look to better fit our identity. Art All Day 2021 exhibits include work by Robert and collaborators Risan and Shamir. The exhibit by Risan and Shamir, "Quepid’s Stupid He(art)", explores their rise in professionalism within the greater New Jersey area, as well as the world at large specifically cultivated through this unique lense of “small town, city politics, worldly outlook.”

Fishbowl Atelier

Robert Jean-Pierre

Shamir Racine


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